Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Post

I'm sitting here in bed with a terrible ear ache thinking how terribly happy I am it didn't decide to invite itself to my anniversary weekend next week, which in fact would be exactly three years to the date of the earache from hell that debuted itself ON MY wedding day.  To say the least, I still have nightmares about it, and sadly enough, so does my husband.  So as twisted as this might sound, thank you for coming yesterday ya dumb ear ache!  

In addition to this crazy unwarranted gratitude, I have also been thinking about what my first post should be about for this blog.  There are so many different things I can't wait to write about..  The main thing that comes to my mind is a mini article I read from Elle magazine last month that has particularly stuck in my head.  I think it will be the perfect start to our blog.  It's called Law School and is written by creative director Joe Zee, who I completely fell in love with on The City, who wouldn't want him for their boss?  I'd take him! (you just might know him from the MTV series, The City, as Olivia Palermo's and Erin Kaplan's boss, and YES I may or may not have watched every single episode of this).  He writes how a lot of people will come up to him and ask him, "Does this look okay?" or just want his advice on style, and he says his advice usually is, "FORGET THE FASHION RULES!"  I LOVE this, especially coming from someone who I'd assume would live by every fashion rules.  He also writes, and this is my favorite line, "Fashion is an expression.  Style is an art.  Living by the rules?  That's for people who have nothing to say."  He says how he can think of about 100 made-to-be-broken rules, a couple of them are.....

"If you want to wear white shoes after labor day, go for it!"
"Tights with open toed pumps?  Do it!"

I love this advice because I think so many of us get caught up in what we should or shouldn't do and forget that style and design, is just merely self expression, so why not have fun???!!!  I have never been huge on following the fashion rules anyway, but I'm throwin them ALL out the window for good now... Bu Bye!  

So in conclusion to this first post, keep this advice in mind when reading this blog or the hundreds of other fantastic blogs out there.... style is self expression at it's greatest, so let go of your preconceptions and fall in love with things you never would have thought you could have!  Stay classy SLC, until next time.....