Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday Baby!

My friend Alli did an Awkward and Awesome Thursday blog post last week, and I think I'll do the same today m'kay?

First up... this kiss from the Bachelorette was super awkward.  Cute little JP leaned in to Ash for a wet one and kind of missed.  He's still my fave so no biggie J to the P ;)  You have bigger fish to fry, fish like Bentley....  

This piggy bank from Target is of course totally AWESOME!  I need to buy this, like right now :)  Sorry honey, shoes be a comin our way!

I saw these perfect little baby Papillon puppies next to Harmon's for sale today.  I went and held them all.  SO cute, and there are SEVEN of them.  Cutest little things EVER!  Go buy one for me will ya?  So this, my friend, was freakin AWESOME!

She was the little runt of the litter and my fave.  She just kept falling asleep, she was a complete doll!  I will miss ya sister ;)

This is how my dad, my sis, and I roll at my other sister's dance performance.  We are pretty pretty awesome and pretty much awkward.  My dad's sock is by far the MOST awesome of them all :) 

Finding this book at Barnes and Noble was pretty dang awesome....

But what was inside?  Well read the trust fall.  Now that's awkward... get ready girlfriends, next girl's night you best be knowin the trust fall is goin dooooown in my living room :)

Seeing this view my whole bike ride this morning was pretty much amazing AND awesome.  The clouds and lighting were incredible and the temperature was perfect! 

A guy came into the office the other day and let me use his pen for a second and it was one of those pens I just fell head over heels in love with.  You know, THOSE pens that write on any surface and glide over the paper without making you hand hardly push at all?  I know you do :)  Well I told him how amazing it was and he agreed with me that he loved it.  Then he was like, "You keep it", and I was like, "No, I couldn't", and he was like, "I insist, it will hurt my feelings if you don't", and I said, "Seriously?"  And ya... it was awkward.

So that about does it! 

What were your awkward and awesome moments of the week?

Please, do tell....
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