Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wren Chronicles, Chapter I

So my husband is crazy.  Really crazy.  Good crazy.  He's hilarious in every way possible.  I could have a blog about JUST him.  So I think once a month, maybe more depending on the quality material at hand, I am going to showcase a couple of blunders, funny moments, conversations, or happenstances of the man I have the pleasure of calling mine.

To start this party off right here is a little video of him floppin around.  I had just told him I found a killer song and wanted to have him hear it.  Right as I turned it on, he busted these pretty moves out:
Classy right?  That was the re-enacted version, the first version was much funnier.
Had more soul.

I just love this guy....
One other little tidbit today about the lovely Wren-Froo-King-Of-The-Mountain:
Wren is growing his luscious waves out right now.  He has minor major meltdowns in the morning because he doesn't know what to do with it.  Drama at the Withers' abode (K I just realized for the first time in three and a half years of marriage, my last name now ends with an "S", how do I make my last name possessive? Mhhh.)  For any of you who know Wren, he has the curliest, cutest hair on the planet (I have curly hair too; our babies are going to be some dark haired froes to be reckoned with I tell you what, I'm already thinking up hairstyles that can tame them :)) ANYWAY, I was feeling like a nice wife and a bit "hair" inspired (which rarely happens) so I BEGGED him to let me give him a blow out.  He was so desperate he actually agreed.  So I blow dried and palmaded the crap outta that sucker.  I do have to say he looked very charming.  He looked like a business man, all he needed was a blue tooth and a briefer and he'd be set :)  
I told him all the ladies would be trying to catch his eye today.
To say the least, I was pleased with the masterpiece I created.

Later throughout the day, I wondered how it had been holding up.  If it had gone "clownish" or "80s cop", i.e....
as he calls it....

I emailed him, "How's the hair-did holdin up?"

He said, "Hair got weird.  It looks really bad in bright light."

Well there ya have it.  His hair looks bad in bright light.  

I sure do love this guy :)

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