Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommies and Daddies

Yay for mommies...

(Wren's adorable mom)

It was 26 years ago today that I pushed a fully awake, yellow-eyed, skinny baby guurrrrrrrrrrrrr out! It took 36 hours which I thought was quite lovely! I wanted a girl and knew that’s what I’d get, and surprise I did! That October 19th long ago was windy, gray, and cloudy! How lucky to have such a perfect Indian Summer birthday today!

Happy birthday to my girl! I’m proud of all that you have accomplished in your life and for how hard you’ve worked. I can see that you have! I can always see things! I integrate my two brain hemispheres, and I appreciate the fact that you do too. It can’t be said for everyone..........

It has been fun that we are so much alike and share the same sense of style and creativity! It’s even funner now that we’re the same age!

I hope you have a fun day with Wren and going to Thriller. 

I love you dearly and wish all the best for you in your life!

Mom (Cha)

P.S. I will even tend.............
(My adorable mom)

And daddies...

(My adorable dad)

(Wren's adorable dad)

What on heaven's name would I do without them?

Also, someone had requested to see a picture of my beloved wuggle as explained in THIS post....
There ya go.
That little love leopard pillow that I'm holding is the one and only wuggle!
MY wuggle.  
Ignore me, I just woke up and look absolutely horrendous.
Happy, happy FRIDAY!