Monday, December 5, 2011

A Lazy Holiday Weekend

This weekend was a laaaaazy one.  And it was awesome.  
Can you tell?
Curly hair and bangs go so dang awesome together, haven't you heard?  
Like 80s mullet awesome.  I do myself so very proud.  
And haven't you heard that face masks do my eyebrows so good?  I like the slicked, crusty look my brows are radiating here.  My husband does too.
He just can't get over how precious his bride is.  

Well enough on that misdemeanor.

Friday night we got a good dose of home cookin and holiday spirit when we headed up to Wren's family's house for a homemade chicken noodle soup and cinnamon roll candle lit dinner with his parents and the two of us.  
Truly one of the highlights of my year.  It clearly hit the spot at being one of the best meals ever.  
After we went into this cozy room (this picture is from last Christmas, I forgot to take one this weekend but the decor is the same, isn't that tree to DIE FOR!?) and turned on the fire and talked to Wren's parents.  
It was so fun!
 This picture is from last year too...  Isn't our family so cool!?  And aren't our jammies CUTE!?  Yes.
Anyway, my point is, who needs to pull out their two boxes of Christmas decorations when their in law's house looks like this?  
Not me said the Grinch.  Normally I'm pretty excited to bust out the Christmas decor, but I just can't bring myself to do it this year.  
There was a split second on Sunday morning after I dreamed I found the cutest little light pink heart shaped ceramic ornaments, 9 for $3.50 (yes my dreams are vivid), at the coolest Christmas store ever, that sadly enough I am slowly realizing my mind made up and doesn't exist.  But in this moment as I woke up I thought to myself, "Go Sav, you can do it, go decorate!  Hip, hip!"  
And then five minutes later, lost all my drive again and thought, "No, I just can't"...  
What's my dilemma?
And one last image from the weekend...
Broose and Lady V are slowly becoming friends.  Isn't that special :)

Oh and I also got down with my bad self (the one NOT lazy moment of the weekend) and made cupcakes from scratch.  Which means from a box, but c'mon, I still had to put the liners in the pans, grease them, pre-heat the oven, crack three eggs, and get the oil out of the pantry.  Which is better than just buying them right?  Yes.  It is, thank you.  Plus they worked out.  Everything I have ever made from a box has worked.  Everything else, well that's a different story for a different boring day.  BUT my inspiration for these from-a-box cupcakes came from this post of mine from last week.  And I have to say... I think I nailed it.  Which for me, especially considering it happened in the kitchen, is nothing short of a holiday miracle.  
Stay tuned...