Thursday, January 12, 2012


So yesterday my cute friend Alycia (check out her blog, it's super duper cute!) posted this music video and pretty much I am OBSESSED with this song.
Actually obsessed really doesn't even describe my feelings for it.
It has been on repeat probably for like 500 times since yesterday.
Wren might murder me even though he loves it too.
I can't get over how good it is!

We bought the whole Gotye CD last night and every song is amazing.
His voice reminds me a little bit of Sting and a little bit of Phil Collins.
This is another favorite from Gotye...

Good huh?

This is a cover of the first song which is equally just as good.  

They are SO awesome.

And then this is Kimbra who was in the music video with Gotye in the first one as well.  

Love this song and her voice and her hair and her dress :)
It's funny how a good song can change your whole day.
I love music :)

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