Friday, May 4, 2012

Stretch Marks

I haven't gotten stretch marks on my belly just yet, but do have them on these baby feeders of mine.
(I guess going from nothing to something overnight confused the poor things)
I was kind of sad when I noticed them but came across this poem on THIS cute blog the other day and it put things into perspective for me.
What a miracle this little baby is growing inside of me and I am just so thankful my body is able to carry him.  Stretch marks, veins, cramps, cottage cheese, and all.  

Today at 3:00pm I get to check in to the Breathing Space Retreat at Daybreak where my three blogging friends and I get to sleep over in their model homes and do fun things like:
-Garden party dinner tonight
-Hair did tomorrow
-Fun classes like interior design, floral arranging, makeup, cupcake and dinner making, yoga, and photography (why didn't they have classes like this at the U?)
-Cinco de mayo dinner tomorrow
I can't wait and have a feeling we will be up all hours of the night!
Tons of pictures coming next week...