Friday, May 18, 2012

What We've Been Up To When We're Not Slaving Away At The House...

Staying at Wren's parent's house has been a little slice of heaven.  
It's been a place where I can separate myself from the house and relax a little bit.  
Wren has gotten a few good rides in...
I have been trying my darndest to drink as much water as I can.  
Having to pee every half hour anyway makes the task a daunting one.  
But I will keep on.
McKinley is home right now too (sorry half your adult children moved back in with you Hollie!) and is of constant comedic value.
Ladies?  Any takers?  
Member this post?  How could you forget!?  
His chest hair is out of this world already, and then Eden went and shaved it into a tie and pocket.
He is quite the ham...
I fried myself to a crisp while laying out on their decks.
We have been fed like kings and queens...
And have had many cozy movie nights in front of their projector.  
Thanks for opening up your home to all of us crazy kids Hollie and McKell!
We love you guys!