Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Boating

My favorite picture of Wren ever... I think he was picturing himself on his favorite show, Dancing With The Stars getting read for his big air turn! (Sorry I don't know proper dance terms...)
We really debated going boating with my family on the 4th.  After multiple Google searches of, "Is it bad to go boating at 39 weeks pregnant?", we decided to go.  We figured the only thing we were nervous about was it putting me into labor, and then we were like, that would be cool!  Especially considering the lake we were at was as close to our hospital as our house.  So we went for it and had a blast!  I'm so glad we did because it could be the one and only time we get to go all summer because this one's not dumb enough to Google search, "Is it safe to bring newborns on boats?"
Anyway, boating did not put me into labor.  
I've decided I am fostering too comfortable of an environment in there, I think he's staying put for the long haul.  My due date is Thursday, THREE days away, and no signs of labor that I know of.
Boating has got to be one of my summer faves, so thanks family for the good times, 50 Izzie drinks, 50 pounds of beef jerky and cookies, and of course the boat!
What did you do on the 4th?