Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend of Much Emotion

The entire weekend I carried a pit in my stomach for the lives lost last Friday in Connecticut.  There are so many different thoughts running through my head.  Fear, sadness, I just can't even imagine losing my child period, but in that way is just unthinkable.  I really can't think about it.  It's too horrific.  Our prayers have gone out to the families.  I don't know if you ever heal from something like that though?  I couldn't.  Radcliff was stuck to my hip the entire weekend.  I feel so fortunate to still have my baby, but guilty at the same time for even having that thought.  
On a happier note, we had lots of quality family time this weekend.  It's so great, babies have a way of bringing family together, don't they?  In our case, because everyone's way more obsessed with our baby than they are us.  We understand guys, he's pretty special :)  We had the pleasure of:
 *Getting Emmy all to ourselves for a day (Radcliff is SMITTEN)
*A hang out date with Benson, Em, and our cute grandma
*Shopping with my sisters for our dad and brother's Christmas gifts
*Feeding Radcliff carrots and broccoli for the first time (he's still in shock I think)
*Spending time with Wren admiring how stinking sweet and cute our baby is.  He's the only person who truly cares hearing me say things like, "Don't you love this face?" or, "Can you even stand how cute this noise is?"  We could go on all day and night over things we love about him.
*Hanging out with my brother and sisters on Sunday night to see my sweet grandma who is in the hospital.  We hope she is feeling better today.  
Have a happy Monday everyone!