Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Bluebadobatinadabydabobatina...

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures this weekend, so here's some camera pictures taken over the last couple weeks or so.  If you follow me on Insta, you've probably seen most of them though, so sorry for that.  And if you don't follow me, then you probably should...  And if you do follow me, then you probably should like more of my pictures because according to my nit wit little brother Ty, for the number of followers I have, I should have way more likes.  You see, he came up with this ridiculous equation (and I can hardly type it without rolling off my seat) that you should have 1/3 as many likes per picture as you do followers, and apparently I'm below that.  Poor kids now days!  So many ways to be popular!  But you guys, really!?  I need to appear way more cool to my younger sibling who count likes like I count baby smiles throughout the day.  So get on it already right??? ;)

You can follow any one of my cool family member if you'd like too...

sister Rache- @rachaelknudson (she's kind of a loser on there, we're kind of embarrassed)
sister Kate- @katelynknudson (you'll see LOTS of bad pictures of all of us, thanks Kate)
mom- @hollysfocus (kind of a loser too, NBD though)
brother Ty- @tknuds (too many man dates to count, get the guy a girl!)
Wren- @wasatchattack (Radcliff, Radcliff, Radliff, Jan, Jan, Jan)
moi- @savannahnikki7 (the cutest, most adorable pictures you'll ever lay your beady little eyes on...  just being honest here)

... just be prepared for Radcliff to blow up a lot of the news feed :)

And speaking of baby smiles, here's about the cutest little video of my baby laughing his pants off at me...
Somebody's got to be ridiculously insane around here to get the man child to laugh right?

Have a Haaaaaaaaappy Monday everyone.

Oh and it was good knowing you if I freeze to death in this 0 degree weather.

Oh and can't wait for Bachelor tonight.  I have to say, I didn't like Shawn all that much until I saw him on The Chew last week.  Now I think he's a babe.  Who's your favorite girl?  Wedding dress one?  I knew it.