Monday, April 22, 2013

Crawling When It's Not Quite Crawling

When is wasn't raining, this weekend's weather was phenomenal. Sunny, and low 60's. I'm telling ya, my type of weather! We soaked it up.
In other news, this little dude is so dang close to crawling it's not even funny. Except it really is though because if there ever was a talent for rocking, and scooting backwards, sideways, or in circles (basically any way other than forwards) on your hands and knees, my baby has mastered it! C'mon little man, you've got it!
 "Stop mom, you're embarrassing me and it's too bright!"
And is it just me, or does his hair look totally red in these pictures? It does. I think we have a ginger boy! (Would you ever have thought Jine???)
Not to be forgotten is the fun cousin time we had as well. Radcliff loves his little girl cousins, Lilly and Iris, and was so happy they could come over and play!
Let the force be with you on this Monday morning! Sending energetic vibes your way because if you're anything like me, you had one of your baby's worst teething nights yet. Man, teething... You suck!