Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Men and Their Lack of Agendas and Why I'm Bitter of That + Link Up!

We took these pictures the other day in the park on our anniversary and are shocked at how good they turned out! Go tripod. Wren surprised me with a 50mm lens and I am so obsessed. To anyone looking for a reasonably priced and fun lens... get the 50! 
Being the only female in this house, as of late, has had me thinking a lot about boys, their behavior, and how incredibly hilarious they are. So simple. So much simpler than girls. At least over here. No hidden meanings, no assumptions... They just are. I guess we can't really count Big Cliff in this because he's still a little squirt, but Wren? I mean you, man.
The other day, Wren and Radcliff were off to run a few errands and I noticed Wren was not holding a single item on his way out the door. Nothing! No diapers, no wipes, no blanket, no change of clothes, no baby snacks... At first I looked at him like, "Is he insane?" And then I thought, "No. He's a him, and he's simple and as perplexing as it can be, I kind of love it!" May the force be with you in your endeavors if he should have a blow out honey! I'll be home taking a bath in silence. I realized I will never know what it feels like to walk out the door with absolutely nada.
Or put this in your pipe and smoke it. We have our nightly routine and it's the same as it always is. I rush to wash my face and brush my teeth hours before we even go to bed so I don't have to dread it all night. Well after we do retire to the bedroom for the night, we'll lay down and talk until we're tired. I'll go to turn off the lamp thinking he'll roll over and go to sleep with me. Nope. The guy still has to get up, shower and brush his teeth. The whole nine yards. But here's the clencher... Every single solitary time he steps into bed after he's showered, and I mean every time, he asks me for lotion. And every single solitary time my answer is the same. "No." So he'll have to walk back to the bathroom (where it is every single solitary time without fail, and where he just was, mind you) to get it. Why not put it on right after you dry your body off while you're still in the bathroom like your wife does??? 
Or this is funny and mostly happened before we had Radcliff because Wren is such a huge help with him. But whenever we get home from somewhere I always have to unsettle a bit. I am either taking off my jewelry, going to the bathroom, washing my hands, putting what I was wearing away, I don't know, getting a drink of water. Something. Nope, not Wren. He would just head straight to the computer. Like beeline from the door to it. Like I don't even know if he took his shoes off (which is the rule, duh!?) All the guy had to worry about was what funny thing was about pop up on IMGUR next or what Mountain Bike was just posted to Pink Bike. Then we had a baby and the vacation ended. Sorry honey.
Long story short. I always have an agenda, and he always doesn't. And you know what? I think it's downright rude because I don't want on either.
Give my an M for MEN! Because we just have to love them even when we hate them for it! Because let's be honest... It's better than a crazy woman, hands down, any day!
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