Friday, June 28, 2013

BBQs All Day Long Baby!

The other day Cait and Zac came over for a good old fashioned BBQ followed by a little frozen yogurt outing. Radcliff loves Caitlin and has a love hate relationship with Zac... and his hair. Maybe it's because he doesn't have any yet? I could eat outside every night, especially considering there's little clean up. But this is coming from the one who woke up yesterday, stared my baby in the eye and thought, "Do we really need to eat again today?" I swear it's all I do. Feed him, feed me, clean up. Feed him, feed me, clean up. Is it really that necessary? ;)
Random enough post for you today?
And we don't need to talk about Rad's pink pants either. He's flamboyant like that.