Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally Video!

Wren and I have finally made time to peruse something we've wanted to do for a long time... videography! Both of us have done it here and there but between school, work, and baby, we just never had time to sit down and make something of it. I bought him the camera we've been wanting for a long time for his birthday a couple months ago, in hopes that it would finally force us to start this little side business of ours, and guess what? It did. We shot our first wedding together last Friday and we had a blast doing it. I've shot two other weddings prior to this and let me tell you what, having your husband there to help with settings, shots, and let's face it, carrying all the equipment was awesome. Plus one of the bridesmaids asked if he was just eye candy, and I said, "Yes, he is." I mean look at him in those blue pants holding that camera? Every year he truly does get sexier, lol. But seriously? The best thing about all of it was getting to hang out with him all day! We were able to sneak away for a couple hours while they got married in the temple, and getting a Roxberry smoothie and just being able to talk with him without interruptions (you know I'm lookin at you Radcliff) was so refreshing! Although... he's all we talked about and we missed him something terrible. Big thanks to my family for watching that man child ALL DAY LONG
Anyway, that's why I was a little MIA last week, but THANK YOU for all the comments on my gluten free post. I loved reading each of them! 
This week is going to be a bit crazy as well because it's my family's timeshare up at Snowbird and all my cousins are in town, so you know, we'll be partying. But I'll catch ya on the flip side maybe? :)