Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Chasing a Toddler!

It's funny... Before I had Radcliff I remember looking at other people with toddlers and thinking how terribly exhausting and hard it looked. I would be so thankful when I'd get to leave that crazy toddler, and their fatigued mom, and head home to the comfort of my own bed to take a nap because my head was so far up my butt from watching the spectacle. Bottom line? Toddlers looked a little bit like hell to me. I couldn't fathom how one could live a happy and productive life while trying to keep tabs on their child every second of everyday! 
I was reminded of the feelings I once felt when I realized I was one of those "fatigued moms" watching her "crazy toddler" when we took a trip up to Snowbird last week to hang out at Wren's parent's condo. Literally the entire time the only two things Radcliff wanted to do were: A- Run up and down the hallways... THE.WHOLE.TIME. And B- Crawl up the stairs of death (a horrible flight of forsaken stairs in the rooms, that are a straight shot up, with holes underneath each one, that would just be delightful if your baby fell through them. Good job Iron Blossam for putting them in the most child populated condos in Utah. Makes perfect sense!) From an outsiders perspective, watching Wren and I chase him would have looked butt freaking hard. And it kind of was (the stairs mostly). But the hardness didn't even compare to the amounts of amazing and fun it was watching him laugh and practice his new run down the wide hallways! He was ear-to-ear smiles as he looked back at me, to make sure I was still following him, as he yelled, "Mo-eeeeee!" (Mommy), to hear it echo through the halls. Busy as it is, this toddler stage has been just like every other stage of his little life... Perfect! As I look at the pictures above, I'm overwhelmed with his adorableness and can't believe what a sweet boy we were given. Every inch of him, crazy or not, is like the best thing ever. Toddlers for life! Except hopefully not for life. And for the record? I'd still make out with him if he'd let me. SMOOCHIES BABY!