Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Radcliff- 16 Months!

I don't feel like I have written about my boy lately and want to write down a couple things I hope to never forget! 
Where do I start with that gooooy? He is loving every inch of his independence just about as much as he loves being by my side. It's like this internal battle for him, run... mommy... run... mommy. He's gotten much busier! His favorite thing to do is run through the store saying, "Hi!", to everyone. It melts my little heart and makes me want to sucker punch the people who don't say hi back. Ain't no one doesn't not say hi to my boy! :) He's obsessed with the alphabet and counting and is putting two and two together of how they work. He says so many darling and adorable words, he'll attempt just about anything, I just can't even stand it! I don't ever want him to start saying things correctly, it's too cute hearing them come out how he thinks they sound. He is obsessed with his Daaaaaaaaeeeeee (Daddy). Anytime he falls or gets hurt, he'll cry that out. And anytime Wren leaves the room he cries. It's so sweet. Who wouldn't want Wren for their dad? I love when he wakes up and I can hear him saying, "HI!", to everything in his room and and then practicing all his words. Yesterday Wren and I caught him staring at himself in the mirror, pointing, laughing, and saying, "Baby!", as he would arch his back so it looked like he was doing the limbo. He did it for like ten minutes. It was adorable. He still loves nursing more than any other baby out there. I don't know how I'll ever ween the kid! Like today, he laid there sucking for a good half hour on each side as I tickled his palms and the bottoms of his feet (loves it just as much as his mama!) He looooves reading books and bringing them to us and sliding in between our legs backwards to be read to. He's really into the Hungry Caterpillar and every time we get to the, "He ate through one apple...", he'll chuck the book and scream, "Moooooore!", wanting to nurse. It's like the funniest thing ever. He loves riding in his Ibert on the front of Daddy's bike. He's like king tut on that thing. All serious and stout! He's still the most cautious little boy and gets very ticked if he falls or gets splashed with water. He's turned into a picky little eater and I hope that changes soon. Wren and I are both the least picky eaters out there, so it's not going to fly honey. He's such a little sweetheart and loves to give me kisses and hugs! But I can't get too out of hand before he tries to bite my shoulder or lips! The other day I was strapping him into his car-seat and he was mad about it, so he said in the saddest most pathetic voice ever, "Graaaaaanpa, Chaaaaa-Cha!" (my mom and dad). Sorry honey, they aren't here to save you! He's obsessed with anything car-ish. Garbage trucks, trucks, tractors... He has this book that has like five million different vehicles and he'll read that by himself for awhile. It's so funny! He loves reading books by himself in the car. It's awesome. I don't know how it's possible for me to love someone as much as him? And for the record, I just think he's a downright beautiful baby. Those eyes! Wren and I say everyday how lucky we are to have gotten him. 

We love you Radcliff!