Monday, January 20, 2014

Joules, It's Where the Good Stuff Is!

This post is in collaboration with Joules, a website that had me at hello :) Their items are so unique, of fantastic quality, and surprisingly comfortable.
I was sent over these navy laced rain boots:
As well as this adorable cassie check french navy skirt:
I'm a little too obsessed with the rain boots and wear them everywhere I go. I've never owned a boot, or even a shoe, that's been as comfortable. And that my dear friends is a little Christmas miracle because normally, you see, most shoes hurt my feet. Even tennis shoes hurt my feet. C'mon people, what's with that!? But of all the shoes I've loathed the most, rain boots were it. They are so annoyingly heavy and clunky and my feet start to ache literally within minutes of putting them on. So I was a bit hesitant in choosing them, but they were so cute. How could I not? And I also knew the I-will-take-a-walk-everyday-no-matter-what-you-can't-stop-me slave driver child would, well, do just that so they'd be perfect for our frigidly cold walks. And boy have they been! They have the best traction for walking through the snow and jumping in the puddles is like child's play (no pun intended!) We like to make a scene. So basically, what I'm saying is... Everybody needs a pair, especially, and I mean SPECIALLY, if you got one a dem slave drivers like I've got. The old ball and chain I tell you!

The skirt? I think its awesomeness kind of speaks for itself. So go check out Joules today and pick your pretty self out somethin pretty already! :)

And for the record, I'll always feel like a dummy posting pictures of myself like this, but hey... You know what? It's all in the name of helping others find out about bitchin finds, so whatever.