Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pointless Nesting Talk That You'll Probably Be Bored By

I'm in full on nesting mode these days. What's with thinking I'll never be able to accomplish anything, ever again, once the baby comes? Maybe because I know I probably won't. It's funny, I've had this drive to get so much done, but haven't necessarily had the energy, so lots of the time I'm left a little annoyed at the never ending list that's playing over and over in my head. 

However, I do feel like I've been able to put a pretty good dent in my list of the littler to-dos. Slowly but surely, right!? I've pretty much given everything in my closet away and I'm sure I'll be sad about it once I'm not pregnant anymore and everything I got rid of, fits. Well, hopefully will fit... Nurse the pounds away my little newborn! Who am I kidding, if he doesn't, Rad will. That kid will never be weened. And it's mostly my fault. I'm so in love with nursing him. And speaking of pounds, what's with me gaining the recommended weight, with this pregnancy and the last, by the time I hit seven months? Looks like we'll be over that recommendation again. But back to my clothes... I wear all of like five outfits at the moment because nothing fits and it just seemed proper to get rid of the rest. Mhhh. The joys of having zero closet space. 

Speaking of, we converted the walk-in closet room back to a regular room to make way for the baby, which means all of everything Wren and I own is in our tiny closet in our room and a wardrobe from Ikea. And you know what? It actually works. I'm so proud that we have weeded through so much and our crap can stay comfortably (together) in one little room. Wren keeps saying, "It's just so nice having my stuff in the same room where I sleep!" Bless his little heart. 

I've gone through all of Rad's clothes from newborn age until now, and got rid of everything I knew I wouldn't use again and sorted everything by age group so it's all ready to put in New Baby's closet when he gets here! Can I tell you how great it is being able to use all the same stuff? It's awesome. 

The linen closet's all cleaned out, all the bathroom drawers and cupboards, I was just hucking things left and right and Wren was staring at me like I'd gone mad. "Sav, are you sure you don't want that???" "Yes sir. Yes I am." I just do not have it in me any longer to keep stuff, even if it's good stuff, that I know I will never use again. What's the point? Same scenario replayed in the basement. I went through every last drawer in our desk, TV console, and hutch and it's down to the necessities. I can finally breathe! Funny how having less stuff is so liberating while at the same time, leaves me wanting to buy more... First world problems for sure. 

Now onto the baby's nursery. Something I'm so excited to start! I didn't think I'd really lean this direction for his room, but I'm kind of feeling the industrial vibe. Trade Furniture has some fun furniture options:
Now what I'm really hoping for is that my Dad will build the baby a new industrial looking crib. Dad!? Holla at your girl!?