Monday, October 20, 2014

29 Years Old, 40 Weeks Pregnant, and My Mortifying Moment!

Yesterday I turned a whopping 29 years old. How is it possible? Seems like just yesterday I was crawling around, messing my pants ;) Bet you're glad those days are over, huh Mom? Since my birthday landed on a weekend, naturally we celebrated all three days. And why would we not???

But before we get to the birthday shenanigans, let me start by saying I have been feeling labor pains since last Wednesday. Literally, every day since then I could have sworn that "tonight was the night" I'd have him. Minus my water breaking, I've had every sign in the book that labor is close. Like, real close. Now today is Monday and still lots of labor pains, but still no baby. I think I have harvested a much too friendly environment in there. He doesn't want to leave! I woke up to two friends texting me, telling me if I have my baby today, this business would give me $500. I thought to myself, this is the reason he's held off for so long! So his mama can get some good old, hard cash! Rad and I jumped out of bed with a plan. A plan to induce labor. We've jumped and jumped, done a million squats, took a bath, anything to try and get our baby here. NOTHING! It's 5:00 in the evening now and it's still not happening, so unless I go into labor and have this guy within seven hours, we're out of luck. Better luck next time I guess?! But honey! Come! I want to hold you so badly! And by the way, I'm 40 weeks on Thursday. Technically. But who doesn't like to round up? I do. Anyway, back to my birthday weekend, because it was real fun.

Friday night, my family took us out for Indian Food at Bombay House. If you're from Salt Lake and haven't been, well that's a cryin' shame! The food is phenomenal. We stuffed our faces with lots of curry and bread! Yes, they even have a gluten-free bread. It was amazing. And Rad loves his aunties and Slick and Cha Cha so much. After, I had a little girl time with Sara. We shopped and shopped and I think I've decided she's a much better shopping buddy than Radcliff. Or even you, Wren. Shopping with a girl is just... better.

Saturday, we all slept in until 10:30, and headed out for some more shopping. Okay, stick this in your pipe and smoke it. I promise, you want to read this. You'll feel better about yourselves. We went to Home Goods and there was this rocking chair sitting on a little platform, display thing. I showed Wren, and he said, "Sit on it and see if you like it." I said, "Well, maybe we should lift it off the platform in case my nine month, pregnant self it too heavy for it." He said, "No, you'll be fine, I'll hold on to it just in case." Well bless my little trusting heart, I sit down and am gently rocking and out of the clear blue sky Wren goes, "Let's test out the recliner!" Without anymore warning than that, he launches me back. Well the chair hits this huge framed canvas that's resting on a easles, right behind it, and knocks it forward onto my head. Now this was not your average canvas, this was probably like 40"x40", I kid you not. So I'm holding this canvas above my head for dear life and then it does the unthinkable... It knocks over a stool next to it and then that knocks over a huge floor lamp next to that. The lamp falls to the ground and shatters. Like the whole thing breaks. I am sitting there completely at Wren's mercy wondering when the frick he's going to push my legs back down. We were literally RIGHT in front of the front doors and right next to the ten check out counters, with oh I'd say, thirty or so people in line. It was truly humiliating. And then to make matters worse, this worker comes over and is like, "Oh my gosh, are you okay???" I was like, "Yes, I'm fine and we are totally going to buy that lamp. I'm so sorry." And rather than her being like, "No, it's fine, don't worry about it", she goes, "Ya... I'm going to have to check on that and see if you do have to buy it." After she walked away, Wren looked at the price tag and said, "RUN!" Ha. But of course we stayed there, tails between our legs and had to wait, in humiliation, as she checked. Poor Rad was traumatized. His eyes were huge and he came up to me, hugged me and said, "Mommy girl, y-y-y-y-you okay!?!?!?" Yes, Rad, yes. Physically I'm fine. Emotionally, no. I'm not. See why Sara's a better shopping partner??? ;) Ha. Anyway, we did not have to buy the lamp and we all came home and recovered from the truly mortifying event. 

That night, my parents watched Rad so Wren and I could go on a date. We had fun talking with just the two of us and found the perfect royal blue, West Elm rocking chair, to go in the nursery. Score! As we were headed to dinner after, my parents called and said they'd just bring Radcliff to our house and bring us dinner. They are heaven sent.

And Sunday was just the cherry on the cake to our fun filled weekend (minus the Home Goods event). We all slept in again, and Rad and Wren headed out to get me breakfast. Love them! When they got home, Radcliff came running back inside the house saying, "Happy birthday Mommy! I got you a surprise!" And then handed me a big old bag of carmels. Those boys really do know the way to my heart. That afternoon Wren's family did a big picnic at the park for me, with tons of good dips. I'm talking, apples dipped in carmeal, crackers dipped in a cheese ball, gluten-free baguette bread dipped in hummus (thank you Udis!!!) and artichoke dip, plus a million other amazing things. I think the decandent chocolate cupcakes topped the charts though! It was so much fun to sit back, eat, talk, and watch the kids play with each other at the park. Wren's family (especially you, Hollie!), are so thoughtful and make birthdays so special. After, we headed to my family's house again for another big dinner. My Dad made tons of meat and got my favorite dessert and we all sat by the heater and ate and talked while Rad played with his aunties. 

Both families spoiled me rotten and I really can't say how fortunate we are to have them. Both of us couldn't have married into better families, and they're really the people we want to be with all of the time! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

Now cross your fingers this baby comes tonight!