Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dresser Do Over

Some of you have maybe already seen this from my personal blog.  But I thought I might share it here as well.  I found this dresser on KSL after looking forever for one.  It was exactly what I wanted and the cheapest one by far.  I literally stalked the guy who was selling it through texts, emails, and phone calls until he called me back and then immediately went and paid him the $100 and took my prize home.  

Right after I bought it, I promptly came home and sanded it, re-stained it, covered the bench, and put new knobs on it.  Such an easy project, and for $100!  Can't go wrong!     

Great dresser to organize all the goods ;)
So easy to reupholster things like this. 

1.  Unscrew the pad from the frame
2.  Stretch new fabric over it very tightly
3. Staple the new fabric down underneath
4. Screw it back onto the frame  
Now I can sit down, relax, and enjoy myself why I get my hair did ;)