Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love is in the Air By Sissy. . .

Ever year it seams as if i have about a thousand weddings to go to during the months of April and May. I have already been to three so far and have one the next two weekends. I'm beginning to feel like the girl on 27 Dresses. However, I don't mind weddings at all. Actually, I really love them. But probably not for the same reason that everyone else loves them. I love them because of all the decorations and careful planning that goes into making them the beautiful celebrations that they are. I have snapped a few shots of my friends weddings and also just saved some pictures of other weddings I liked. Whether you are getting married soon or not i hope this sparks some inspiration for your own embellishing endeavors. 
My roomies had a candy bar at her wedding and it was the hit of the evening. Everyone was loving the souvenir candy bags they got to take home.
this is a little bit more formal one, i love how it still sticks with the color theme.
This is my dream to ride bikes away instead of driving, i think it's so cute!
Another cute idea for the getaway that one of my friends did and her pictures turned out so cute is sparklers.  
This might be too casual for some people but i think adding some variety to shoes can really spice things up.
you can even do it with the bridesmaids too! i love this!
Matching vans. . . i love it!
It seams like cupcakes are really in right now, i think this is a cute idea if you're not a huge fan of cake.
My roommate had something similar to this at her wedding this past weekend. Its very subtle but still adds a nice touch.
This is my other rommates wedding and i just loved how she did it. she paid such close attention to all the details. make sure to notice her center pieces. Some of the vases are super tall which was really nice because it didn't block the view of the people sitting across from you at dinner.
Her dad went and cut down those birch branches himself. See aren't these center pieces amazing. she did them all herself.
On one of their first dates they got a fortune they loved and have kept it ever since so there was a fortune cookie and truffle inside. But i almost did open mine i thought they were packaged so nicely.
I don't know if you can see them very well but i was trying to get a picture of the hanging candles above the cake. they looked way sweet!