Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Inspiration From My Sissy. . .

Hi all, Rach here. i'd like to thank all those who are already following this blog, i hope you get as much joy out of reading it as we will posting it :) i was also looking through some old pics and would like to add some more inspiration to what Sav has already put up. Ok truth be told Sav suggested it but i liked the idea so i'm going along with it, story of our lives haha jk sav. So this past summer i was in the Dominican Republic, while i was there i went to one of the most gorgeous houses i have ever seen. For reals tho, it was the nicest house and decorated so well. i captured a view shots so here they are. . .
View from their back porch
me and my roomies sitting on this nice outdoor furniture on their walk out  balcony
The pool and hot tub, i'm on the balcony up above
the Master bedroom walk in closet/bathroom
Master Bedroom bathtub
Bedroom with huge sliding doors to walk out onto the balcony
Their daughters room, notice how tall the ceilings and windows are and i love the long drapes
So this is the front entry way, dining room table to the left. That huge door is opened up out to the balcony i was on before, they have like a second living room on their balcony, so cool!
This is their sitting room off to the right of the entry way, the cutest style in the his.
the dining room table, i love the mixing up of the chairs
the front door, massive!
the beautiful kitchen, i love the balcony over by the big glass windows
so this is their patio underneath their balcony, it's like a whole game room down there with ping pong and games and stuff but outside!

I wish all of you could have been there with me, i was blown away but i hope you get a glimpse of how amazing this house is and get some inspiration for your own decorating ventures. But wrapping this up with something a little different here's one of my new favorite quotes i just heard, "Life is like a fashion show and the world is our runway." just some food for thought!