Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Print....

Some might say that I have an animal print obsession......

Yes... this is a leopard snuggie, don't judge

The picture below indicates that I clearly have a problem.... 
Unfortunately, sometimes when I think of animal print I often think of trashy, BUT..... worn right, I think it can be really classy and fun.  Here are some of my faves right now.....

This black animal print one piece from Newport News is To-Die.  BTW, if you haven't shopped for swimsuits here I HIGHLY suggest it.  And by HIGHLY I mean go buy one right now, k?  I had my little green eye on this periwinkle one piece scrunched swimsuit for like six months and after finally going on sale you can bet your butt I bought it right there on the spot!  I have never gotten so many compliments on anything before, so THANKS NN!  Anyway, back to business.... this little dilly below is also from their Shape FX line (same line as my swimsuit) which literally has like a built in corset underneath (not really) but it sucks every inch of fat in you ever thought you had!  I also love that the top comes down a little bit over your bum....that much more to hide on your bottom without having to wear shorts that ruin the look of almost every swimsuit ;)  Promise, you won't regret it, and how could you in this ADORABLE print?! 
I also love this bombshell bikini by Victoria Secret, I'd love it even more if I rocked this bod.... a girl can dream.  Great push up swimsuit too for those of us who weren't blessed with the goods ;)
I really like this cute little cardigan from Forever 21.  I'm not loving it with her outfit but it would be super cute with skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and some Toms or cute wedges....maybe some gold jewelry too?  I love gold and gray together.                                                                                                     
K I'm obsessed with this dress.  This picture does not do it justice so please click on the link and you can see it more clearly, and with different views.  Again, this is from Newport News.  It would be darling at the beach.... if only we had a beach here.  
Aren't these shoes are To-Die!???  LOVE them!  Oh hOnEy, it's our anniversary this weekend, hint hint ;)  
This little dilly is from Victoria Secret.  They have three selections of colors: pink= moonlight lily and sexy raspberry, gold= warm vanilla and tempting praline, and purple=naked musk and sensual freesia.... don't they sound kind of naughty?  They have four different kinds too: fragrance mist, nourishing body lotion, indulgent body cream, and daily body wash.  They are on sale two for $24, or three for $30 from Victoria Secret.  Way cute mother's day gifts if ya ask myself or my mama Cha, she loves animal print too.  What can I say, like mother like daughter...  Anyway, these would look so dang cute in a bathroom.  Go check them all out, they all have a different design to them as well. 

These babies..... are because I can!  Urban Outfitters.  If I didn't almost die from a staff infection of my foot when I was eight from getting a blister from the cute white ice skates my mom bought me, I might just be tempted to buy these.  But let's face it... my dream of becoming a pro-ice skater, or any kind of skater for that matter, died when the IV's were injected in me for a month.  Long live the dream!   

Do you like animal print?  Doooo tellllll!