Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outdoor Living Areas!

I have always dreamed of having an outdoor living area.  Obviously here in Utah, the whether isn't exactly ideal for such a space, but a girl can wish.  This dream of mine started when I walked through a house that had this big balcony.  They had the cutest couches centered around a fireplace with a TV mounted above it.  Ever since then I have been smitten with the idea.  Can you even imagine lounging around on a comfy couch outside, on a nippy fall evening, next to a fireplace, watching a good movie?  Or reading a good book?  Or better yet, reading Oprah magazines??? :)  I can't.  

I love all of these outdoor living areas.  Most of them are from ElleDecor.com.
What do you think?  FUN huh?