Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So this past week, due to the bone and gum graft procedure I had done, I have not been able to smile.  If I do my gums start to bleed and I get this really strange sweet taste.  It's gross.  And not being able to smile has REALLY put a damper on my style!  I LOVE to smile!  I have even asked Wren, "What if I can never smile again?"  Yes, it's been that pathetic.  But before this not-smiling spell was cast over me, I hadn't really thought about smiling THAT much.  Sure I always think it's really important to smile at everyone, because you never know what kind of crappy day they have had.  But not being able to smile has really affected my mood, like drastically!  You know that old saying that goes something like, if you don't feel like smiling, fake a smile, and then you will feel like smiling?  Well I think it is SO true now.  Because not being able to flash my pearly whites, has me thinking I'm a serious and mad person which in turn has turned me into a Debbie Downer, no good for nothin, irritated, and serious person.  I really actually hate it.  

I also have started to pay attention to whether or not people actually take the time to smile at me.  You know when you pluck your eyebrows too thin and it's ALL you can even notice on someone?  Like that kind of notice.  It's as if I am almost holding eye contact with them to see if they will smile at me.  You know what I've concluded?  A lot of people don't ever smile.  It's the weirdest thing to me because now that I can't smile, it's all I want to do!  

So my advice for the day is... SMILE!  Honestly, it's the best accessory that a person can have.  Even if your self-conscious about your smile, still do it, people don't care what it looks like, they just know that they like you because of it.  They will be drawn to you and you never know what difference a smile can make.  If I think of the people I like being around the most, all of them smile... a lot.  I am most drawn to the smilers... I'll admit it :)  So I don't care how good you look, or how cute your clothes are, without a smile, your appearance is worth nothing.  And also, smile to be happy.  I honestly think it works, so do it!  If you're mad at Sally for kickin ya in the knee, SMILE, it'll be funny!  Okay, bad example, but you catch my drift.  

SO....are you going to smile SLC?  I know I won't be.... at least for a couple more days, but then you can bet your bottom dollar after that I'll be smilin my little heart out!    
  Doesn't this picture just make you... SMILE?

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