Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorites from Elle Decor this Month

I love when the mail lady walks in and hands me my new issue of Elle Decor.  I thoroughly enjoy looking through all of the pictures of rooms and seeing the decorating ideas.  Sure, I could never afford any of it, but it's still fun to look and get inspiration for my own place.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from June 2011 issue of Elle Decor.  
PS I scanned these straight from the magazine, it sounded entirely too hard to find them online.  So anyway, they are a bit blurry, sorry!

There's something about this pictures that just makes me happy :)  It's like five of my favorite things rolled up into one. Cute fabric, a fun bike, pretty golden sunset, tons of pillows, and of course palm trees=warm weather!  This would be perfect if I photo shopped by hubby riding the bike with his shirt off.  Just saying :)
I love all of this Madeline Weinrib fabric.  Every single one!
K I love hot pink right now.  I have splashes of it all over my apartment.  It's so cute here with the white and the royal purple too.  And that picture above the couch?  SO cool.
I thought this gold light was adorable.
K, so this is funny.  I have always dreamed of having a swirly staircase like this white one below.  When I was younger, my parents had a condo at American Towers downtown.  I would lay in bed at night imagining that they would buy the condo above ours and put one of these swirly staircases in connecting the two together.  Sadly enough, it never happened.  Anyway, it probably is the LEAST child friendly thing out there, but it's cool to think about.  I love ALL of the staircases below.
This iron rod leaf railing is the sweetest thing ever!?  Don't you agree?
And last, I love all of the white carved out detail in the mantel and bordering the top of the walls.  It doesn't show up as well in this picture as it did in the actual magazine, but you get the point.  This room makes me want to curl up and read a good book by the fireplace.  Actually not, I'm ready for warm weather already!  Bring on the sun! 
Hope you enjoyed!  

Happy Thursday!  It's almost Friday, and you know what that's almost Saturday!  AND it's a Saturday I finally don't have to work! Boo ya baby sister :)