Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursdee :)

It has been my family's timeshare this week up at Snowbird.  So yesterday I happily took the day off and went and hung with these two girlies I have the honor of calling my sisters :)  
Aren't they AWESOME?!  Yes, indeed they are.... 
The weather was INCREDIBLE, not a cloud in the sky, so how could we not have laid out ALL day long, and in the process, scorching my bod to a crisp?
Goodness, gracious great balls of fire, I got completely feee-ried!  But it was totally AWESOME, and I wouldn't trade a second of the great and relaxing time I had to do away with this killer sunburn.  Actually... I would trade one second, ONLY one though, to have had some SPF 500 to smother my poor undeserving body with yesterday, but hindsight is always 20/20 so what can ya do :)  And as always, I'm sure I won't remember this the 80 millionth time I get scorched next time either.  Because I never learn.

On the way up, my sis had to grab somethin from Hobby Lobby, so I went and browsed and found these little pretties.  
I had to get them for us.  
So here we are matching, at the pool mind you, as we did our ENTIRE childhood....  At least this time it's not through pantaloons (yes, we did wear pantaloons and I have hundreds of picture to prove it), or beaded socks that clanked when we walked, or bows the size of ours heads.  BUT you know what?  We ROCKED it when we were young, and we were just as AWESOME as we were AWKWARD, and just as AWESOME as these owl necklaces.

A completely AWESOME and AWKWARD occurrence that happened at the Bird yesterday:
  My cousin Laurie came to sit down on the lawn chair next to us and sat a tad too far back than what's good for business and totally flew backwards... legs flailing, looks of panic, the whole nine yards.  Luckily she wasn't hurt and we laughed till we cried.  Why is it so funny when someone tips backwards on their chair?  That's so rude of us humans to find pleasure in this, but it IS oh so pleasurable... is it not?

And last, everyone who knows anything, knows I have the best taste in music this side of the Mississippi ;) So as a courtesy to all you fine readers of mine, I have complied an excellent playlist titled, "Best Songs for Rolling Down the Windows and Blasting Your Music in the Summer Time Mix".  Too long?  I didn't think so :)

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Music is just BETTER in the summer right?  Listen and go get em, and as the mix states, roll down your windows and blast those suckers!
K well we are less than 24 hours away from Friday, can you believe another week gone by?!  Have a good one!

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