Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sister's New Charming House Downtown

Imagine strolling down a rutted sidewalk beneath a tree lined street, staring at unique homes with loads of character, to Cafe on 1st (this is my friends little cafe BTW, you all should go).  Then grabbing a sandwich and enjoying it while reading a book as you soak up this impeccable weather.  This is what my baby sissy Rache will be doing for the next three and a half years while going to architecture school at the U.  Lucky lucky Rachie!

This weekend we went and saw the house that Rache will be renting with her friends in the fall.  It is PERFECT.  Hardwood floors, original moldings, updated kitchen and bathrooms, open floors plan, in the Avenues.... the best word to sum it up is completely charming.  And ignore that the address is 420 :)
See.... super cute right?

She is too too excited to decorate her room and I can't wait to help her :)  She told me, "It's all I can think about", she's just like me!  I have spent many countless nights envisioning rooms in my own place, and this room of hers-to-be is no different!  I keep envisioning all of the furniture and knick-knacks we could use.  Anthropologie has anything and everything I could ever imagine wanting to use in decorating a "charming" room such as this one.  That store and this house should just get a room already, that's how perfect they are together :) 

I came up with this little scenario, and I think it would be absolutely PERFECT in her new room.
What do you think?  WAY cute huh?!

  Rache, you'll be seein a lot of Sunny once you're there because you'll be living my dream life :)  In the meantime, I'll be brainstorming how in the world we are ever going to find items as cute as these for a tenth of the cost!
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