Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fabulous Finds!!!

On Saturday, we went shopping at the Park City outlets and I found some fabulous deals.  I'm quite pleased with my finds.  
K, first off, have you guys been to the Volcom store up there?  If you haven't, you MUST!  Seriously....  they have the CUTEST sandals right now that are 50% off so only $10, they are all so cute, I could have bought them all!  Usually when I think of Volcom, guys clothing comes to mind because Wren has a bunch of cute Volcom clothes.  BUT, no no, they have way cute chick clothes too :)  
Anyway, here's what I walked away with.

This cute little dress/shirt....  They have so many cute ones!  This was 30% off of $25.  So super cheap! 
I know, I'm so freakin awesome....

These sandals after the 50% off were only $15 bucks.  They have a million and one colors and styles.  I'm tellin ya, if you live in sandals like I do all summer, run up there!  You'll thank me later :)

Kill Whitey, my feet are so pasty!

Nike had their cute t-shirts two for $25.  So I picked these babies up.  I love cute comfy t-shirts as seen here.  The salmon striped shorts I got from Volcom for $6 bucks too.  Not bad huh?

I felt weird about posting this, but I had to show you this swimsuit because I think it is adorable and for a killer deal!  Normally it was $100, I know too much, but they had this deal going where if you get two or more swimwear pieces, they are only $9.99 each.  So I got this swimsuit.....

......as well as this one.
This is me.  I model, didn't you know?

So they each were only $9.99 but normally $100!  Yay for deals!  They had tons of cute swimsuits there too.

Anyway, just thought I'd share!

Hoping you have a great Tuesday!

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