Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend at a Glance, With Lot's More Words than Planned :)

This weekend was another fabulous one.  

Friday night we went to dinner with our fun friends Zak and Cait at Rumbi.  Sweet potato fries are my WEAKNESS!  On the way there I glanced down and saw this awesome sight.... no, I did not plan to match the I-pod, with the connector cord, nor with my shoes.  BUT, I wish I had, because that would have been TOO freakin awesome :)
After dinner, we went and saw Super 8.  And, yes, I planned to match the border of this picture to all of the above items as well :)  This movie was pretty good, but started to drag on and on and on and on, like the energizer bunny.  By the end, when the credits finally started to role, and I thought I was free to go home and go to bed, the movie picked back up, and we were all standing in the theater watching for- EVER.  It was like a bad dream.  It just wouldn't end.   
Okay I have to say one thing that really chaps me... when people CLAP at the end of shows.  It's one of those times I just get really embarrased that I am even in the same room as them.  I know way rude!  But it's how I feel.  The actors and actresses are not in the room, nor are the directors or producers, so can we cut the clapping?  No one clapped at the end of this thank goodness... it was way too long to muster up energy for that I'm sure, but just something I needed to get off my chest.  I hate movie clappers :)  But if you ARE one, I still love you?!
Thanks Zak and Cait for hangin with us!

Saturday we went up to Allyssum and Ryan's house in Park City with Eden and went mountain biking.  It was so pretty and just the perfect day!

See for yourself....

Look at my sexy hub.  Love him!
After we went to the outlets and both of us got some killer deals.  Stay tuned, I am posting them tomorrow :)  

And we bought way too many of these.....
They're still haunting me upstairs!

My dad saved the day, like usual, by grabbing the last one of these for me.....
.....with literally seconds to spare!  I had stressed all week over it (see here).....  Tuesday Morning put them on the floor at 10:00 am of Friday and at 10:01 they were sold out at every location accept for Brickyard, but I knew by the time I got there it would be LONG gone.  SO my dad works next door to it and ran over there, LITERALLY ran on foot, and snagged it for me... Love my dad, always there to help me! 

Here is why they were flying off the shelves....
Look at just a few of the fun stitches this machine can do....  Every time I would show my husband a new stitch, he would look at me and say, "Wow...someone is pleased!"  He kept imitating the thrilled face I would pull when proud baby Sav would show him, I just wanted him to be PROUD :)  
And all this for only....
What a steal!  I'm pleased as punch!

Sunday we ate dinner at my parents, and visited my grandma.  She gifted me this cute little vintage watch.  I love her old jewelry, so classic!  
And what are those spots on my hand you ask?  Why those are warts that my dad spread to me when I was little.  I remember picking and picking them, because that's what I do, I pick.  And Wren hates it.  I go for his scabs in one big swoop praying I have enough force to tear it off, because if I don't get it the first time, he'll guard it all night, and it's all I'll think about.  I have issues.  Anyway these bad boys had to be burned off, then frozen off, then burned off, then frozen off again.  They were tough little devils, and I have the scars to prove it!
On the way home from my grandma's, we captured this beautiful sunset.  Wren always says clouds are the perfect recipe for a perfect sunset just as he says, when looking out the window in the morning, "Mmmhhh (tilts his head) Sav, looks like rain with a chance of meatballs".  Love that guy :)  He's my glorified weather man!
And last, but certainly NOT least.  Beethoven died.  He used to be bright red and purple, now look at him; brown.  Poor fish, he was looking rather bloated and peaked through the face all last week, but I just thought maybe he was going to get his period or something and I could toss him an ibuprofen for cramps, but nope.  We found him like this.   
It was actually really sad.  I almost kept him alive for a full year.  

Beethoven, I will miss the way you frolicked and played by yourself for endless hours, for we couldn't buy you a friend because word on the street is that you would have killed a friend, since you are a Beta.  I will miss the way you would swim up and eat the little pieces of food at the top of the bowl when I'd throw them in.  I think you knew me depsite having heard that your memory resets every 15 seconds.  I refuse to believe that, I KNOW you KNEW me :)  I will also always remember the way you would play dead, and then randomly fly across the bowl.  That scared me Beethoven, it was your silly way of crying wolf.  Well this time you really were dead and you shall be very missed!

RIP Toven, that's what your daddy called you :)

I hope you guys had a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!  If this is your first time to my blog, I promise I'm not crazy.  I'm just on a role today!  Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week :)