Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend at a Glance

This weekend my dad loaded up the boat, bought tons of junk food, and took my sister, cousin, two of their friends, and I boating.....
It was such a blast!  Boating has got to be in my top ten favorites!  Feelin the wind in my hair, catchin the rays, eating crappy food, laughing with family, listening to music..... PRICELESS!

The weather was PERFECT!
On the drive up, I saw one of these....
Motorcycles scare me, but I think I could MAYBE do one of these considering you really can't tip over....  I LOVE the all white too, so classy of these awesome people riding it ;)  

Look how excited my dad was to transform into Captain Dan, King of the Sea!  And Rache; likewise!
One of Rachael's friends graced us with his presence, he is way TOO awesome!  See for yourselves....

Aren't YOU craving a lemonade now?  I thought so....

Saturday night was awesome, I talked to Wren's mom on their neat patio, in their heavenly patio chairs till way past dark.  Love her!  Thanks for the chat time!

Wren and I went to the Arts Festival downtown.  There were tons of talented artists and TONS of people.
Look at that Crepe from Crepe Tyme.  It was EXCELLENT!

Look what a bird did to my head....

So NOT excellent!  I was standing there in line, just an innocent bystander, and I feel this little "plop" on my head.  I turned around and said, "Wren please tell me this isn't what I think it is....", he replied, "Sav, indeed it is!"  SICK!  Why do birds have to poop?  Why does anyone have to for the matter, so unattractive!

What a cute husband I have huh?

He wiped the poop out of my hair.  Love him!

The Arts Festival was cool, but WAY too many people, too much smoke, and lets just say, South Jordan, you were never so appealing when we arrived home :)

Oh AND, don't fret, Wren and I had big plans for ourselves on Friday night, but don't you worry your pretty little selves, we fell asleep at EIGHT THIRTY PM, and slept the whole night through.... who does that?!  We do, and we're so cool!  Let's just say I was READY to take on the world the next day after that much sleep!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!