Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holey-Shirt, Ghetto-Dress-Do-Over Tutorial!

Do you have an old dress from Old Navy that you've had since 7th grade that for some really odd and almost disturbing reason you haven't junked yet?  Or a t-shirt that has a couple holes at the bottom from being your "favorite t-shirt for the whole year of 2009"?  Well, if you're anything like me, you do..... It's okay, your secret's safe with me as long as you keep mine :)  

Joking aside, maybe you have some similar items that you just can't let go of.  Well run run run to you closets right now boys and girls, you'll need the untouchables to to make one of these bad boys....  
Cute right?

Okay people, you ready for another super-easy yet mind blowingly fun and way too detailed tutorial?  Here we go!

Here's what you'll need:

An old dress, whatever length works.
A shirt, preferably one that is similar in tightness to the dress you chose. 
Matching thread.
Iron/ironing board.
I think that's it....

1.  You got the dress
2.  Ya got the shirt
Hang them on the wall like this now.... okay that was a dirty mean joke, don't do that :)  See I do somehow have humor at 7:30 am....
3.  Lay your dress out flat.
4.  Cut the dress in half.  You will be using the bottom half so cut accordingly to how long you want the dress to be.  I decided to keep mine longer so I cut pretty high up on the dress.  Throw the top half in the other room.  You're done with it.... but you could totally use it in another project like this one so you might want to hang onto it for another productive day such as this.... :)
5.  Turn the bottom half of the dress inside out and then take the top part and fold it "over" itself as if you were hemming something.  Make sure the fold line is nice and straight, iron, and then pin.
6.  Now take the shirt and cut it in half.  I wanted my dress to have a really high waist line (and member the holes in the shirt?)  so I cut off a big chunk at the bottom of the shirt.  If you wanted a lower waist, and didn't have holes :),  you wouldn't need to cut very much off the bottom.  
7.  Now turn the bottom skirt piece right side out, attached the shirt (right side out too) to the top of the dress with pins.  Just make sure the shirt's pinned evenly all the way around the bottom half of the dress.  If the shirt is bigger or the dress is bigger you can gather it a bit like we learned in this tutorial.  
8.  After you have it all pinned, line the foot of the sewing machine to the top of the dress fold, and move your needle all the way to the right so you don't have access amounts amounts of material outside of the seam.  I sewed mine right sides out because I like the look of the top stitch better than the bobbin stich.  Whatever is easier you can do!  Sew all the way around the entire waist line of the dress, making sure to back stitch at the beginning and ends of your stitches.  After you're done doing this, you're basically done!  Just turn the dress inside out, un-pin, and cut the excess fold of fabric from the bottom half of the dress so it's not too bulgy.  Easy right?!

I really like how it turned out! 
My sissy and I debated weather or not to cut it just below the knees, what do you think?  Do you like this length, or do you think it would be cuter just under the knees?

Hopefully this tutorial made sense.  It really is a great way to re-use some of those scary items in your closet that just need to get out already!  

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Have a FABULOUS day everyone!
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