Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Photographs!

I started my weekend off right by stepping in my beloved Village Baker brownie.  That was the pits....   Wren and I laughed, and then cried, way too hard for way too long :)
Friday evening we went and celebrated an early Father's Day with Wren's family.  They made an INCREDIBLE dinner, and we had too much fun taking pictures with Fat Booth.  It's just the simple things in life that make us happy right?  Sadly enough the only picture taken of this evening, beside the Fat Booth pretties, is this lovely sight of my brother in law, Man-Kinley's, chest. 

Ladies.... any takers?!  
After dinner we headed up to out friend's house and got to lounge around like the rich and famous in her pool.  It is seriously incredible!  I went down the pool AND jumped off the high dive, check me out, see I'm adventurous Wren!
Saturday I hung out with Wren's brother and sister while Wren worked.  We went on a bike ride and my cute little 13 year old sister-in-law, going on 30, was takin pictures while ridin her bike, sending texts, and calling AT&Ts customer service to try and figure out why her picture texts weren't sending.  I couldn't stop laughing, and all the while Kinley, Wren's brother, kept getting mad at us because we had "bad biking ettiquette", woops :)  C'mon Kinley, Eden's just tryin to run a business from her bike office :)  From finding good music, watching a cheesy movie, biking to Harmon's, making smoothies, taking care of a new fish name Cheese Butt, going to Walmart, visiting Wren, listening to Kinley belt his little heart out to the Piano Man... sewing, we had a BLAST!  I'm so thankful for them and they feel just like real brother and sister to me.  My cute babe sister Rache also came over and joined in on the fun.  We even made skirts together till 2:30 AM and I have now made a total of four, my family are my biggest fans......   

On Sunday we went to my grandpa and grandma's to celebrate Father's Day.  Aren't my dad and grandpa cute?!

I LOVE them more than I could ever express!  I couldn't be luckier to have them, as well as my amazing father-in-law McKell.  I am SO blessed to have such amazing men and role models in my life.  Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there!

Hope you all had as a productive of a weekend as myself :)