Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dresser with a F-F-Face-Lift!

Last week my husband took it upon himself to beautify this dresser for me.  

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Here it was before....   

It was a nice dresser that belonged to Wren's grandma, it just didn't match any of our stuff. 

So Wren spray painted and spray painted, did I say spray painted?  Away....

I ran myself over to not one, but TWO, different Hobby Lobby stores, and somehow managed to find TWENTY FOUR matching knobs.

I am loving Bright Yellow with White right now, I find them to have fantastic chemistry.  
I think that they should just get a room already ;)

And how could I go to two different Hobby Lobby stores and not find any other treasures?  

I just simply couldn't......

Don't you love this red little vintage looking clock?  All the clocks are 50% off right now so run run your little bottom over there and check them out.  

As I said in previous posts, Wren now has ONE WHOLE garment drawer to himself because of this dresser.  See Wren, the allergies for two days straight from the spray paint have indeed paid themselves off!
Isn't he a lover???  Love him dearly.

K well have a fantastic day!
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