Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pictures of a Swiss Weekend :)

This weekend was such a blast!  Wren's family rented a condo at Zermatt up in Midway.  It was a weekend full of swimming, boating, hot tubbing, hikes, eating out, shopping, and just relaxing.  They are so sweet to have done this for us!  

It was a much needed vacay and I love the Withers very much.

Boating was a blast.
Wren drove the boat the whole time despite his HORRIBLE run in with food poisoning, what a trooper!

We went to Sunday brunch...
It was AMAZING.  I was so excited and overwhelmed by the food I didn't know where to even start.  So like any young lady would do, I grabbed it all :)

We went on a fun hike to Cascade Springs.  It was beautiful!  We took some fun pictures.....
What a cute family we have huh?!  We are missing some other VERY important people though, we missed you guys! 

Can you believe this picture Wren took?!!!  
I seriously LOVE it!  Wren is such a champ, he has really taken the time to learn our camera, unlike I, and has taken some really cool pictures lately.  You can check out his outdoor pictures and adventures here.  

I think I may just have to enlarge this today and frame it :) 

He took these as well.
LOVE them!  

Thanks SO MUCH for the fabulous weekend Withers fam! 

We sure do LOVE YOU GUYS!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!
P.S. Stay tuned for some super fun finds I lucked out on this weekend.... coming later this week :)

P.S.S. Did you know that massive fireworks were going to be legal this year?  We sure didn't.  We went up on our roof last night and had the show of a lifetime!  Seriously.  It took my breath away for sure, we could see all the way around the entire valley and there were a million fireworks everywhere we looked, in fact our neighbors were lighting off the huge ones in their backyard and I actually panicked for a sec cause I thought they were going to land on us!  It was the coolest 4th I have ever had.  Until the 24th hopefully.... :)  Happy Tuesday!

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