Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fab Finds for WIWW!

I decided to jump in on the What I Wore Wednesday fun today.  
Now no one loves a good deal more than myself and let me tell you what... this here cat scored some GOOD DEALS over the long weekend
AND I feel so kind as to share them with you lovely people right.... now :)

First Up:
This fun purple plaid Twenty One skirt from Urban Blues.  Can I get a $5.99 everyone?!  Yes, TRUE. 
Love it!
Love the Gs peekabooing out my armpit even more.  Woops :)

Next Up:
This plaid Volcom shirt from the Volcom Outlet in Park City.  I have a couple different plaid button up shirts, but none of them fit quite like this one.  I love the hood, love the cinched waist, love the comfort, love that it was $9.99?  Yep, you heard right ;)  

Now last night I went to dinner with my girlfriends and they were bullying Sav, YET AGAIN, for the denim jumpsuit I wore my sophomore year of high school.  They will never let me live it down.  But you know what?  I secretly still love that denim jumpsuit from Gen-X, ha ha yes Gen-x, and this is probably where my love for rompers come in!  
I found this adorable black  American Apparel romper from Urban Blues for a whopping $5.99.  It will serve as a cute and handy swimsuit cover up this summer. 

Next on the list, this Ya Los Angeles cardigan from Urban Blues that's almost 50% rayon.  My mom loves rayon and now I do too :)  LOVE this material, the cute trim around the collar, and the nude color.  It will be perfect for summer nights.  This was a bit of a splurge for Savy at  $25.99.  
But I just loved the rayon!  Sue me! 

Now, I have been looking for a good pair of straight legged jeans for sometime now.  I'm slowly not loving the skinny as much as I once did.  These Anoname jeans from Urban Blues fit like a glove.  They aren't too tight at my knees and fit nicely around my waist.  Plus I love the cut.  Again, a splurge for me at $39.99.  But well worth it considering I think I just might be wearing them everyday :)  

Normally I'm not a burgundy lover, but again, the materiel grabbed me.  I'm a sucker for comfort.  This Tresics shirt from Urban Blue is 19% rayon and 77% polyester.  So super comfy!  And whaaaa?  $5.99 baby!

K, I would normally not go into Wilsons Leather Outlet, but they were having great deals on their D&Y hats...only $6.99!  Wren snapped numerous pictures of me wearing them, but none of them did these hats justice so I decided to bag em and take pictures of them alone, but even alone, the pictures below don't give these hats the credit they deserve.  They fit SO cute! 

P.S. Speaking of D&Y hats, check this ADORABLE hat out....
You like?  I LOVE!  Go here if you do :)

And last on my list of  fab finds....
This adorable little pink and white striped Ralph Lauren baby girl jumper from Nordstrom Rack for $11.97. 
And no, I am not pregnant, just can't resist fat baby leg revealing clothing for a good deal.  
I'll need it someday right?!

Well hope you liked some of these things, go buy em if ya do.  
AND Happy Wednesday to ya!
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