Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Festivities :)

This weekend has been very eventful to stay the least.  

Two black eyes later, lot's of movies and ice cream.... PLUS: 

My sweet husband spray painted the dresser that we inherited from his cute Grandma Mudge last year.  It has been on my "to do list" for over a year, but I just couldn't mustered up the energy to paint one more thing.  
But when Wren came a offerin', I jumped at the chance!  It looks awesome, but I will wait to post "after" pics as soon as I get new knobs.  It has to look complete right? :) 

Let's just say Wren now has a spot for his garments.  Finally after three years of marriage, he is a big boy now with a dresser drawer! :)  Sadly enough, he is allergic to spray paint.  Poor guy was sick all night.  Oh the sacrifices of L.O.V.E.
He is 100% legit.

You know who else is legit?  My daddy.
Especially in the kitchen when he makes these.  Especially with whipped cream on his face :)

These are good old fashioned Danish Ebleskivers.  They are my favorite, so my family came over to our place yesterday and made these as well as brisket.  Delish!  Ebleskivers are part of our heritage you know :)  
Wren had about 20.  I'm surprised he made it!
After we gorged, my mom, sisters, and I climbed into our comfy bed and had cutest feet and hands competition judged by none other than my dad.  I won first place for feet, but lost for hands.  
Oh well, you win some and lose some.  Very fun Sunday afternoon!

Okay I had to share this bit of good news with you as well.  Today on Sits GirlsKelly Moore is doing a camera bag giveaway.  And OH MY GOSH, I want one SO bad.  If only I had $250 to spend on this one! 
Can you believe how cute and convenient?!  Seriously, I LOVE it, and what WILL they come up with next?!  Member your parents saying that?  :) 

You can convert it into just a normal purse too.  But look at all the nooks and crannies for the camera and lenses, and all while looking like you're carrying a normal ADORABLE purse.  I don't know, I just might need to splurge.  My black Cannon blah bag just isn't doing the trick.  PLUS, I am LOVING the orange and the two pockets on the outside for a wallet or lip gloss (my mom says if you can find a purse with pockets on the outside you've hit the big time, and you know what, I'd SAY SO!)  

Anyway, all you'd need is this one bag and you're set to go shooting!  Love it.  Here's some details about it.
Cool huh?

One more shot just for kicks.....
Oh SO great!  Okay Kelly Moore, I think I should win this giveaway just for being the biggest, most annoying fan ever!  Go here to check out ALL the different styles and colors :)

Last on my exciting weekend of extravaganzas, I bought some cute different material from to cover some pillows on my bed.  Yes, again.  And it took me 5 hours to choose the fabric; as usual.  I love changing my bedding more than anyone you'll ever know.   
I love them.  

And then a couple different jersey knit materials to make more of these skirts.
Maybe if your birthday is coming up you'll get one.  Rache?....  Don't hold me to it though ;)

Happy Monday.... It's going to be a long one ;)