Thursday, July 7, 2011

Milk Glass Wannabes Baby :)

As of late, every time I walked passed our entertainment center from Ikea, I knew I wanted something to change.  I love the black behind the TV, but the decorations on the shelves just kind of blended in to it.  
So Sav gotta thinkin.....

Here it is before:
Eh, just kind of blah. 

So I took all random vases I could find lying around and decided to spray paint the bad boys white. 
Here they are after.
Isn't it a huge improvement?  I'm totally loving how the black background makes the white vases 
And yes, those are old cream soda bottles thank you very much!  I think they'd be adorable with a pink little flower in them.
I also love my two new pale pink vases from Ikea for $1.97.  Can't beat that :)
This project was so easy, all I did was get Krylon white spray paint and sprayed the vases down.  Easy as 1, 2, 3 baby!  Hope you gained some inspiration!

Happy Thursday everyone.