Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorites from September 2011 O Magazine

As always, I found my fair share of goodies from this month's edition of O Magazine.
Here are just a couple treasures that I spied with my little old eye.  

First up, this insanely cute and convenient Hobo Danzo Baby Bag.  
Look how nice?  All of these little labels you can Velcro onto the pockets.  Love this!

Right now with code OPRAH, it brings the price on this baby from $295 down to $236, not bad right?
Whenever the day comes that I decide to bear a baby into this world, I think I just might have to splurge on one of these bags.  
Check out Danzo Baby here for a ton of different styles and colors.   

Next up is this AWESOME little Urban Supertool.  
Seriously I think THIS has got to be the BEST invention YET!  
Here's a video on all the greatness this stapler look-a-like has to offer.

This little ball of convenience is a measly $23.  I'd pay hundreds for it.  It could have SERIOUSLY saved me THOUSANDS of hours.  
Like a level?  WTH, I can NEVER find a level to hang pictures when I need one.  
Check out Kelvin Tools here for more info. 

Hope you enjoyed!