Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of Birthday PARTAYS!

We had a weekend full of birthday parties!  
Friday we celebrated my long time running friend Mich.  
First to Texas Roadhouse, then onto shopping at Gateway.
I'll tell you what, me and Mich have been through it all together.
Here's a little view into the fun times I have shared with Michelle. 
What I wrote on her FB yesterday:

Mitchlington, Bistro, Offshelk, Michy, Mishka, Michelle My Bell, OH the names you've had, and OH the times we've shared. From the hysteric laughing sessions, to the playing of certain songs over and over and over again, to the chucking of the wallet in my face, to the times I lost my voice and needed a little extra help understanding Tristan and Isolde, to the many different haircuts/colors you've performed on me, even the time I died the chicks bangs bright red in hair school, or the millions of convos involving you know what, or when I died Ryan's hair patch colors and we laughed and laughed and laughed behind his back, the many times we've gone out to eat and shopping, or made fun of the ex the smoker, or the multiple trips to St. George, even the default trip to St. George because we missed our flight to Cali where we were staying at a boat hotel, we are cool, or even getting quickies and hot coco at SLCC, but lets not forget the hot pink bra and underwear you gave me, I still wear the underwear..... And sadly enough I think EVERYONE knew I wore it on my wedding day, why didn't you STOP a friend?!
OKAY, you GET the point, We've been through it all! I LOVE you very very much! PS The shirts? "Add Me"....
I sure do love me a good MICH!

On Saturday it was our adorable friend Charelle's birthday party.  The party was at her parent's house which is SERIOUSLY OFF THE CHARTS!
See for yourselves.
We asked Devin to take a picture of us with the pretty background.  And boy did he.... he snapped, snapped, snapped away! 
It was a night full of pool volleyball, cupcakes, food, hot tubbing, tours of the house/cars, and great times with lots of old high school friends.
Wren and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed ourselves :)
S and I with the cute birthday girl!
Can you believe this backyard?!  Wait till you see the HOUSE! 
Charelle, thanks for being born.