Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Headband-Scarf Tutorial

I love headband scarves like these:

But almost die of an anxiety attack by the day's end from trying to get them to stay on my head.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Scarves are not head friendly I have decided.

SO, the other day I was heading to a swimming party and I wanted to sport a cute scarf headband, but didn't want the annoyance of one. 
So I got creative and made this headband in about ten minutes flat...
Wanna know how?  Here you go.....
As I said earlier, this was the quickest project ever.  
You could so SO many fun things with it.  You could even make the fabric go much longer than the headband so you could tie it underneath your neck making it appear to be an actual scarf.  
Or you could put a flower or bow on it.  
And there are so many different cute materials you could use.  
Happy head-banding!
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