Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Picties

Have you ever made a friend that from the minute you saw them you knew you would be bosom buddies? (from Anne of Green Gables, member?)
Well the instant I saw Jenna at church while living in Kauai, I knew we'd be bosoms... :)
I just love her and am thrilled we're finally living in the same place again!
(these top three pics taken with my camera phone, hence the blurry) 
We stayed up late talking and talking while the guys were passed out :)

Okay, Joel was just pretending for my sake, but Wren truly was passed out...
BUT just from the fun game of taboo we played.
Which reminds me, Wren and I (we're the least competitive people you'll ever meet when it comes to games) officially won our very first game.  
Boo ya, now THAT'S somethin to brag about!
Thanks for hangin with us Jenna and Joel!
You guys are our 7 and 9 twins :)  Now wonder!?

We also went to the best of all the breakfasts at Great Harvest Saturday morning.
Yes, you're seeing right.  I got bacon AND sausage on mine.  
Pig is my favorite food and I'm not the LEAST bit ashamed about it.

Later we had a Luau Party to celebrate the birth of cute Willow.  To get this party started we went and laid by the pool while the babies played.
McKell bought us coconut snow cones. 

And it was a great day of relaxation.
Hollie and McKell prepared a meal to die for.
Look at those toned beach bods.  What sexy in laws I have :)
Hoo hoo gettin her dance on.
And cute birthday girl Willow with Skyman.

Sunday sisters and I went and visited these cute people... 
My super duper cute, delishy food makin grandparents.  
LOVE them!
How'd your weekend treat you?