Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dana's PINK Baby Shower

Last week I threw a little shower for my good friend Dana, with the help of Sara of course.  Dana's having a baby girly next month.  If baby girl looks anything like her chub-a-lub older brother Cashy, she will be too dang adorable!  
Can't wait!

The theme was..... PINK!
Pink food coloring was my best friend for this theme.  
Wren's mom helped me with this idea: Reams bakery specially made two loaves of white bread pink for the sandwiches.  They were the only bakery I could find who would do this, just FYI.

And pink food coloring to dye the cream cheese frosting on the fruit pizza pink.
Member this recipe?  Make it, it's delish and super easy!
Everything else was naturally just pink.  Kind of fun huh!?

 Just love these girls.  So hilarious to think of everything we've been through together :)  Fun times, sad times, dancing times, hilarious times, shopping times, embarrassing times, vacation times, gangster rap times..... 
I think you get the hint.
They've seen me at my worst and hopefully my best.  
Don't you just LOVE your girlfriends?
Could you just die?!  I know I could....  Harry Carrie's baby girl Monica is the cutest thing on the block.  I couldn't even get enough of her!  
I was a downright rude baby hog all night long.

Wren, yes he was in the bedroom making his little comments through out the night, insisted we slick Monica's hair to the side and put sunglasses on her so she looked like a little creeper.  
That's Wren for ya!
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