Thursday, August 4, 2011


Can I just say that I LOVE this guy crutchin all up in this house?
Seriously everything about it is ridicly cute.
Whether it be him creepin up the stairs with em, whisprin to himself, "Crutches first goin up, legs first goin down."
Or bashin into furniture such as Sheryl's desk at work, knockin off her picture frame.
Doing the sideswipe with em.
When he calls me embarrassed, tellin me he slipped at the U when it was raining because both of his crutches slid outwards forcing him to land in a squat position, followed by a guy asking him if he was okay and needed help up the stairs. 
Seein him sprint with em, brace yourselves, it's possible.
Love his new quote:
"Treat everyone as if they were on crutches....."
Point taken Wren.
Witnessing him creep out backwards from the pantry on the bad boys.
And finally, when he lays his little crutchies down next to the bed at night, my ears get to hear the loudest Velcro in the world from his protective boot that snags all my bedding.
If it weren't for me having to do all the man work around here lately, I think I'd be okay if he always had them, because I just can't quit laughing.
I just love Wren and his crutches.  They wear him so well :)