Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Read All About Em!

The other day I went to DSW with my $25 gift card in hand.  I know I'm a high roller :) 

K and they had SO many cute shoes I has such a difficult time deciding!

So I need your help...

Which shoes are your favorite?  

Please, doooo tellllllll......

Don't you love these flats with the big bow?!  So cute!
You know I love me some good animal print as shown here.  Love the red heel too :)

I'm obsessed with this print right now.  So fun!
These red shoes were adorable but made Savvy's feetsies look fat :(

These were super comfy and very practical like my friend Michelle might I add ;)

And last, these strappy wedges were surprisingly comfortable.  

Which ones are your favorites?  I want to see if  I made the correct choice.  Because after all...... it is a VERY important decision ;)  So just humor me, would ya?!
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