Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wren's Mama's Bowtie Chicken Pesto Special

I have had a couple of friends ask me for this recipe since making it at a baby shower the other day.  It's Wren's mom's recipe and it truly is one of heaven's little gifts.  It's so easy and so good.  
Great for hot summer days such as the ones we are gifted with right now.

You guys want to know the recipe?  

What you'll need:
Bowtie Pasta
Dried Cranberries
Slivered Almonds
Pesto Seasoning

Cook the bowtie pasta (ok what the frick, no matter how I spell bowtie spellchecker says it's wrong???)
Cook the chicken, we boiled it.  It's better cooked in the oven but lets face the cold hard truth, we're lazy.  
I know this picture is basically disgusting but I feel so proud to have documented all of it I had to share...
Once the pasta is cooked, strain it, rinse it, and place in BIG bowl.
After chicken is cooked, cut the bad boy up into small pieces.
Add the chicken, excuse my husband he has temporarily gone insane, to the pasta like so.  Well not like so, don't look like he looks.  You'll scare someone.  
Proceed by adding these fancy items...
(Wren said, "Don't take a picture of the Great Value item, that's ghetto."  Well honey, everything we can buy Great Value we buy, so if that means we're ghetto, so be it.)
Put however much you want in of each thing.  It's the free U S of A.  

Then stir real good.
 And wala, you're done!
Caution: Can cause upset stomach/bloating from eating too much.

This meal is almost better refrigerated overnight and eaten cold.  Sometimes it's even better the fifth day after :)
Good Luck!