Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Craft Lake City

Two weekends ago Wren and I attended Craft Lake City at the Gallivan Center downtown.  It was right up my alley.  They had 180 different artists showcasing their different handmade items.  Everything was very affordable, so cute, and original.

Here are a couple of my favorite items, and ones I wish I would've purchased.
FYI, these are all taken with my camera phone, hence the blurry... sorry!

Isn't this little baby beanie adorable?!  SO cute! 
I loved these little birdie mobiles.
From the looks of it, Wren did too :)

This card is hilarious.  I should have bought it :)
 Now for some items I did buy. 
These handmade all natural cleaning agents by Nothing But Soap.  They are seriously THE BEST!

This is a bleach alternative.  It gets your whites whiter than bleach, is safe for your colors, and doesn't have all the harsh chemicals that bleach contains.  It's only $8.  So affordable!  It really does work great too.
This cleaning agent is a substitute for something such as 409 and can also be used on glass.  I hate using 409 because of all the fumes I inhale, but love it at the same time because it disinfects.  
Well this is the best of both worlds my friends, no harsh chemicals but it still disinfects.  Only $6.  What?!  YES!  
And my favorite, this laundry detergent.  It does up to 100 loads, can you believe that?  And it was only $12 measly little ones.  So cheap!  It left our clothes smelling so fresh and I love how tiny it is.  I hate the huge laundry detergent containers.  They suck to store and suck to throw away.  
This is just tucked away nicely where I can't even see it :)

Here is the information if you are interested in anything from Nothing But Soap.  
Go here to see fun packages she has of different cleaning agents and to purchase anything seen above.

And last, I love all natural lotion.  I can't stand lotion that smells too strong and hate feeling like the perfumes are going straight to my blood stream.  So I was really excited when I saw these natural lotion sticks made by Beehive Soap and Body Care.  They are so moisturizing and concentrated that you hardly need to use any of it and they are completely natural.
The flavor I got was kumquat and let me tell you what..... it smells divine.
Beehive Soap and Body Care sells so much more than just lotion.  Here are a couple stores they sell items out of in Utah.
Or go to their website here to see everything they make.