Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Weekend at a Glance

We had an excellent weekend.  It was long and glorious.  
We did such things as:

Watch the BYU/Utah game with friends.
The house had an incredible view.
We aren't big football fans, but I went to the U, and Wren goes to the U, so if we had to pick, I guess we're U fans.
Ironically we both wore blue....

Furniture shopping with S, trying to find her a new couch.
Shopping and lunch with Jenna.
Look at that philly cheese-steak sandwich from Cafe On 1st.  It had the works!
My friend owns this cafe, I HIGHLY recommend it.
All the recipes are very a tasty!

Breakfast at Kneaders with Wren.
Their chocolate croissants are to DIE FOR!  It's really all I can think about.

We hung outside and captured this incredible sunset.  Nothing beats this fall weather!
Wren painted the rims on our Subaru.  I was a skeptic, but he did a great job.
It transformed the car.  He calls it his man car now.
I LOVE you, you manly man you.

I sang in sacrament meeting on Sunday and right as I started to sing, my mom's (who was accompanying me) music blew off the piano.
I was holding my note and holding it trying to figure out when the heck she was going to play the next note.  Finally I looked back and this lady was helping my mom gather her pages.
Thanks air conditioning.
That was awesome :)

Went to dinner at Salt Lake City Burger Company with Jenna and Joel, followed by hot tubbing at Snowbird.

When we dropped them off at their car, they were gifted by a flat tire.
Poor things.  So Wren and Joel saved the day. 
While Jenna and I snapped picture of ourselves.....naturally.  
And check out my googly eye in the top right picture.  
Now THAT'S a talent I didn't know I had.
I do myself proud.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Happy Monday, it's going to be a long week..... :)