Friday, September 30, 2011

Sad Day....

I am kind of sad today.....
Here's why:
First off, my beloved long sleeve gray shirt that I am practically obsessed with and was so excited to wear now that the weather is getting cooler had an unfortunate mishap in the washing machine....
So depressed....

Next, I have been looking for a vintage looking couch like this for forever....
I LOVE the curvy back.
Throw some bright modern pillows on it and we'd have ourselves a masterpiece!
It was a killer deal at RC Willey since someone returned it.
When I took Wren to see it though....
...he said he couldn't envision himself being comfortable on it.
My dream was slaughtered.

And last, Wren left to go mountain biking in Moab.
I don't know why I get so sad.  
I got teary when I said bye to him and he'll only be gone a night!
I'll miss him for reasons like this....
He's my entertainment.
This is him imitating Steve Powell.  Apparently this guy has a whole website under the alias of Steve Chantrey consisting of songs he wrote.
"I can love you in a secret way...."?????
SUPER CREEPY if you ask me.
Here is his website if you'd like to take a listen.
My heart goes out to Susan Powell and her children, seriously it's so sad.  

Well this was a depressing post.
Good news though! Fun fun girls night plans tonight.
I'm ready to PARTAY and turn this frown upside down!
Have a good weekend!